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Connected  by  Milda Harris

Connected by Milda Harris
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The only thing Drew remembers about his life is the moment of his death. Leaving his life and his memories behind, Drew thinks that he is on his way to heaven as he follows the pull of fate. Instead, he finds himself witnessing the birth of a baby girl, Aurora. He immediately feels a strong connection to her. He can’t leave her. Thus, Drew becomes an invisible observer of her world as a ghost and Aurora becomes haunted by him.Unable to remember how he died and not knowing why he feels that he must stay with Aurora, Drew spends his time like a guardian angel, watching over her.

From infancy, Drew is with Aurora as she grows up. Yet, in all his vigilance Drew is unprepared when Aurora is hit by a car at the age of six and killed. He was unable to save her and blames himself. He is distraught beyond reason. Why did she die? Was it his fault? And, what was he going to do now?Drew appears to be given a second chance, though, and an opportunity to redeem himself when Aurora’s spirit is reborn again as a baby. He now has six years to explore her world and find a way to save her. Has he finally found the purpose of his afterlife? Or is trying to save Aurora just a small piece of a larger puzzle?

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